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Actionable data for proactive control
Gain full visibility into your print operation with insightful data to understand production trends, standardize operating procedures, and maximize equipment usage for higher profitability and efficiency.



Fiery® Navigator is a service for proactive print operation control and device management, suitable for a broad range of users, from small quick printers to commercial print businesses with numerous devices and multiple locations, to large retailers with hundred of locations. It captures key production metrics and enables the propagation of configurations across Fiery Driven™ devices.

Fiery Navigator is free for three or fewer Fiery Driven devices. An annual paid subscription is required for additional devices. The subscriptions are not assigned to a specific device so the tracked devices can be changed. All users have access to three years of device history and get one configuration sync package per tracked device.

Based on a secure cloud platform, Fiery Navigator allows you to quickly and easily monitor multiple production operations from one centralized interface. Access it anytime, anywhere in the world from a standard web browser to:

  • Compare device performance and reallocate resources to maximize equipment usage
  • Analyze operator behavior to uncover areas where your staff may need additional training
  • Establish standard operating procedures and monitor whether your operators follow them
  • Evaluate current asset usage for upcoming equipment purchases or renewal planning
  • Identify patterns of consumables usage to forecast volume demands based on historical trends
  • Share an optimal set of Fiery settings across all Fiery Driven devices of the same model to deliver consistently high-quality output
  • Quickly restore a Fiery server to its previous state by using a back-up configuration copy, stored in Fiery Navigator


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